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Toxic Nature Studios ® features environmental photography that celebrates the majesty of nature and laments its demise, in small moments. Using close-up macro techniques, the photographs express my appreciation for and concern about the environment.


As we become increasingly distracted by our devices, we tend to overlook small disasters beneath our feet.  Likewise, we can fail to notice the beautiful moments present in nature. I explore these concepts in the “Toxic” and “Nature” galleries. Beauty can also be found in the rust, decay, and textures of everyday objects, which I highlight in the “Manufactor” gallery. 


All photos are taken by me, Scott Schneider, with an iPhone, thereby leveraging the power of technology to observe rather than to distract.  I take photos every day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  I don’t go out to take pictures; I take pictures because I’m out. 


From my photographs, I create archival, digital pigment prints using environmentally friendly inks on bamboo paper or linen, which is highly sustainable.


In addition to my photos, I have crafted a series of sculptural pieces which I’m calling “3D(isasters).”  This thought-provoking artwork is designed to challenge the viewer to make sense of the quantity of litter displayed in a #finditfillit container.


I hope that my art will inspire others to notice the world around them and to take action to preserve its natural beauty. We can’t do this while plugged in and tuned out. That’s why I ask viewers to unplug, look around, and get the small picture. By turning off our blinders of technology, and noticing the small detail of a piece of litter, a fallen petal, or an interesting bit of rust, we can then look up and notice the big picture, which is that the world needs our help.


The Instagram account @toxicnaturestudios spreads awareness through my art. Its sister account,, encourages others to pick up litter, thereby noticing and improving the environment.


Furthering my mission, a portion of sales is donated to charities that focus on protecting the environment. 


Unplug. Look around. Get the small picture. 


Scott Schneider

Toxic Nature Studios’ Mastermind, Photographer, 3D Artist, and

Chief Litter Picker

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